Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today was a gorgeous day, in fact the whole weekend was nice. Yesterday I spent the day helping Martha & Brian move, but today Kathleen and I went out for a ride. This was the first ride this year where shorts were appropriate, temps in the upper 50's :) . We rode out to the start of Herring Run Park, here is the groovy maintenance shed on the bike path.
Here we are a little further along the bike trail, pretty soon all the trees will turn green again (I hope).
We continued on up to Lake Montebello and took a lap around the lake, lots of activity there as usual.
Then we swung by Martha & Brian's new place, they are still unpacking, but settling in. After that a quick trip through Hampden, then down Falls Road towards home. Here is Kathleen catching up to me on Guilford, another of my no-look action shots.
Then it was back to the homestead to get cleaned up. After that we went over to Life of Rielly for dinner, a fabulous Bleu Cheese Hamburger was just the ticket.

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