Sunday, February 13, 2011

A warmer day.

Today was in fact a little warmer, about 50 degrees in the afternoon. Therefore, it was time to go for a ride. Kathleen and I rode down through the Inner Harbor, then out past the stadiums to catch the Gwynns Falls Trail going towards BWI, with the original thought being that we would ride around the airport and back. However, the promised partly cloudy weather never really materialized, instead it was cloudy and blustery, and we both are pretty sure we saw a few wayward snowflakes. It was still good to get out though. After passing through the Inner Harbor, we got stopped by an epic freight train passing through.
It was going fairly slowly, giving us a chance to admire the graffiti on some of the cars.
Once it had passed it was off towards Brooklyn. We rode out to the end of the trail in Brooklyn, where there was somebody feeding the seagulls in the parking lot at the hospital there.
At this point, I wasn't comfortable continuing on our current path towards BWI, mostly because it meant having to ride on Richie Highway, and there are a lot of douchebags in that neck of the woods, I am going to have to figure out another route out there, but I have some ideas for next time. So instead we opted to head back around towards the city again. We ended up looping back around and eventually rejoining the other part of the Gwynns Falls Trail at Washington Boulevard. We rode around Carroll Park, checking out the Mount Clare house, then meandered our way through the West Side a little. Coming back towards downtown we spotted this at the University of Maryland complex.
A little further on we found ourselves at the foot of the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, it realy is quite skinny.
After that it was back to the homestead to clean up and contemplate dinner.

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