Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow, what a change

Well, at the beginning of this week it was just about freezing, today it was 70+ degrees out. I decided that it wasn't going to get to be any nicer of a day for a ride, so off I went this morning. I went out and around the Inner Harbor, then up Key Highway because I wanted to see the new branch of Race Pace Bicycles' new location in Federal Hill (we really like them, we bought Kathleen's bike there, and lots of accessories as well, they have a great women's cycling shop as part of the main shop). They are right on Key Highway across from the Baltimore Museum of Industry, there wasn't much to see, they are still doing the build out, but their truck was out front. I took this on my way back from Fort McHenry.
Then it was back toward the house, but low and behold, the same truck that I had to go up the curb to avoid getting run over by, in the bike lane of course, had decided to stop and block the whole farking lane to unload.
I guess that is better than the cop cars and cabs that drive in it the rest of the time. Tomorrow is supposed to be super windy, but Sunday is forecasted to be 50 degrees and calm, so hopefully I will get out for another ride then.

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