Sunday, February 20, 2011


It was a nice day today, after yesterday's 30 mile an hour winds, so I went out for a ride. I originally was thinking I would head up towards Lake Montebello, so I went down Baltimore to Washington Street. I got to the light at Washington & Fayette and decided some water was in order, only to find that I had spaced on filling a water bottle and putting it on the bike. So I looped around to the house again and got a bottle. Leaving the house again, I made it almost to the corner of Collington and Pratt when a loud boom came from under me and the rear tire went flat. I pushed the bike back to the garage, thinking I would change the tube and be on my way, but when I got to the garage I saw this.
That put an end to the patch and fix plan, so I went in and changed so I could run up to the bike shop for a new tire and tube.
Back to the house I swapped the tire and tube, there were two large holes in the tube, so poor mister 6 patches went into the trash.
This is the first blowout I have had, usually the flats are a little slower in happening. I am back in business now, hopefully it will be nice tomorrow morning.

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