Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shoe fit ride

So I have been having trouble finding a cycling shoe that fits me.   Today I actually went over to Race Pace on the bike to talk about shoes, and brought my credit card to boot (nyuk, nyuk).   Had a reasonable discussion with Paul there about my issues and wants, and they have a potential solution at one of the other stores, they will have it in Federal Hill on Wednesday, so potentially more shoe drama in the future.   So what ended up happening is that I rode over to Federal Hill in what has been the normal set up, then while there I removed the Varus Wedges (They are the little gray bits in the picture) from my shoes for the rest of the ride.   Data is inconclusive at this point, but it's interesting how something so thin can take up what seems to be a ton of space in the shoe.  

Anyhow, I rode out to Fort McHenry and set a PR on the Fort Ave Time Trial segment, I am attributing that to a massive tailwind, but hey, I'll take it.   On my way back (fighting a massive headwind :) )  I spotted this at Light & Pratt in the Inner Harbor.   It was some kind of groovy wellness thing, lots of yoga and reincarnation themed tents.   But it was a nice day out, and people seemed to be having a good time there.

Then it was back through the throngs on Pratt Street in the now-ruined bike lane and back to the house to get cleaned up and onto the city bikes with Kathleen (who spent the day studying for her summer class) and head down to the Safeway for dried cranberries, then over to Saute for dinner.  The cranberries are for Vandevelde bars for tomorrow's big ride, we are going to be doing a metric century (63 miles, 100 kilometers) with the Potomac Pedalers Bike Club.   I will have more on the snacks for tomorrow's blog post, Kathleen is downstairs whipping them up as I write this.   The ride should be interesting, I have only done a couple of hundred miles on the road bike this year, so this might prove to be a bit of a challenge.

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