Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Ride Day Today

After an extended break due to relentless work stuff, I finally had a day off today.   So to start my day I got up early(ish) and rode over to the new Harris Teeter to watch Kathleen run the Soul of the City 10K race.   It was a gorgeous morning, regular summer weight clothes at 8:30AM :).   I got there in time, here are the racers waiting for the start on Fort Avenue.
Then they were off, I didn't spot Kathleen but luckily she spotted me and got my attention, unfortunately my camera shooting speed was a little slow.
But I scooted on ahead of her and got a better picture just down the street.
After noodling around Federal Hill, they turned down into the Inner Harbor Promenade at the Maryland Science Center.
The race went all around the promenade, I opted to wait at Pratt and Light for her to come back around. As you can see, they are re-doing the bike path here.
A little further along I caught her again.
I took off from there and got to the finish line ahead of her to catch her finish.
We met up afterwords, then I headed for home while she met up with friends for the complimentary Green Turtle breakfast that was part of the race. For me it was shower and eat breakfast time. Kathleen came home a little while later then headed out to get her hair cut, so I went out for another ride in the afternoon. I headed down Lombard Street, and at the park there was a Rugby 7's game going between Johns Hopkins and somebody. Kathleen and I try and follow the World Tournament, so it's exciting to see it here.

Then I headed up the endless grind of Calvert Street all the way to it's end, and noodled around in the Homewood neighborhood by Johns Hopkins Homewood campus.

I kept on heading generally north, and found myself a little while later in Roland Park where there are lots of very large older Victorian houses.

Eventually I headed back towards the house to get organized for dinner, but not without stopping to get my traditional victory coke at a local market. I carried it home in my pocket, only to have it puke on me in the garage :(, still delicious though.
Another shower then off to the Whole Foods to pick up steaks for dinner.

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