Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy Weekend

It was a busy week, leading to a busy weekend.   Work has been pounding along, as it does in the spring, but this weekend worked out so that I could join Kathleen riding the Tour De Carroll up in Westminster.  Saturday morning rolled around pretty cold (45 degrees) and threatening, but off we went.   We took the route sheets for the 40 and 63 mile rides, which shared the same route for the first 26 miles or so.  We saw lots of Carroll County, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

 And the Grumpy Cows that shared the field with them.

 Groovy art on the side of a shed.
 And here is the last time I saw Kathleen until the finish area, where she was waiting for me.
It was a tough ride for me, I haven't been eating/sleeping enough lately, so I wasn't in the best form for the ride.  We ended up doing the 40 mile route, in the end it was fun, although very tiring, when it's that cold out it seems to suck the energy out of you.  Then it was back to the house to run some errands then get all dressed up as Saturday night was the White House Correspondents Dinner.  I handled a couple of the after-party's including the big blockbuster one for MSNBC.   They turned the Italian Embassy into a disco for the evening.

I went down to DC to see how both events were going (I also did a smaller event for Thomson Reuters), then headed home to get some sleep (about 2:30AM)
Today broke with rolling out of bed about 10:30 (courtesy of Kathleen calling to let me know she was on her way home from the race she was volunteering at in Columbia) and we went in search of breakfast.   Then it was noodle around the house day, until about 4:30PM when I headed out for a ride.   Living in the Mid-Atlantic is weird, 40's to low 50's yesterday, 72 degrees this afternoon when I left.   I headed down towards the Inner Harbor, but since the bike path is still a complete disaster area due to construction, I was forced onto the promenade to get down Pratt Street.   I rolled along towards this large group, first being admonished for riding by the cop on the Segway in the foreground.
The crowd was gathered to watch this guy do his routine including juggling flaming torches here.
I got the hell out of the Inner Harbor, and headed through Federal Hill including riding on the most rediculously named street I have seen.
That's right, that is East West Street.   I continued out towards Brooklyn, and spotted this cool mural on the side of a rowhouse.
Then I got into the industrial area out there, where there was a huge pile of what I am assuming is road salt.
Eventually I made it to the spot I was looking for, there is a huge rail yard that you can see from the Harbor Tunnel ramp (that's the bridge in the background).  I have always liked trains, so my goal today was to find the yard from somewhere I could get to by bike.   I was successful, but I did have to ride part way up the freeway on-ramp to get high enough to get these pics.

After that I headed back to the homestead for dinner and Stage 4 of the Tour of Romandie.

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