Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Kathleen & I went out for a ride today, it was a gorgeous day, not too hot, or too humid. We opted for the fairly flat direction and rode out to Essex and Rocky Point Park. On our way out to Eastern Avenue I spotted this mural on a building there.
And directly opposite, this graffiti.
We continued out to Essex, here is Kathleen at one of the many dead ends we discovered on the point there.
Nice view of the inlet beyond the houses, almost every house out this way seems to back on to the water.
And a nice mid-century modern house just down the way.
After that little side trip we headed out to the beach at Rocky Point, it was super busy there, people having picnics and generally enjoying the day. The beach was in full swing.
We stopped for a pit stop there, here are the bikes waiting for us to return.
It really is nice out there fairly quiet roads, here is Kathleen dropping me on the way back in.
A little further along we saw this fire hydrant which somehow is sinking into the ground that it is mounted in.
Then it was back towards the homestead, and on the way back we spotted this sign.
I am not sure what it is trying to tell us but it was humorous at the time. Once we got back we cleaned up then headed down to Johnny Rad's for dinner. It was our first time there (despite it being just down the street) and it was pretty good. Wound down this evening by watching the first stage of the Vuelta a Espana and got to see the pros make our efforts look trifling.

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