Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post Eathquake Carnage

Well not really, but I did get out for a ride this morning, our fall-like conditions are continuing so far. Over in Patterson Park neighborhood I saw this mural, very cheery.
After that I looped around through the industrial areas and back to towards home. On my way back I saw a closed street, so since I was on my bike, I ignored the roadblocks and made my way down the block to see what was up. When I got closer, there was a police line tape around this building.
I stopped and talked to the police officer there, apparently it and these two buildings
were damaged by the quake and they were about to fall down. The destruction crews were on their way to dismantle them. Kind of a bummer, but that's the way the earthquake shakes 'em I guess. Then it was home for a shower, and breakfast before heading up to NYC for a meeting.

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