Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

Today, in addition to being New Year's Day, is also the day of the Resolution Run in Patterson Park. Kathleen did the run this year, so I went out to shoot some pictures. I rode around the neighborhood a little to warm up and see the sights. It was a cloudy day, but a nice 50 degrees out, so a pleasant day for a ride. I got to the park in plenty of time to see the start, and say hello before the race. I rode up to the top of the park to kill some time, then down to the lower loop to wait. Eventually the horn sounded and they were off. Here she is (Blue top, black tights) just after the start climbing the small hill on the lower loop (this is the same loop that I sometimes ride).
And then back around by the Pulaski Monument at the bottom side of the loop, so about 3/4 of a mile into the run.
I scooted back across the middle of the park and caught her making the turn at the top of the lower loop again to climb misery hill (as I have dubbed it) on the Baltimore Street side of the park.
I took off again on the overland route and caught her after cresting misery hill and coming back down past the Pagoda.
Then another sprint back down the brick paths to the duck pond.
Then I took the overland route again to get down to the Pulaski Monument and startled her when she came by, I was riding right next to her :)
Then back across the middle of the lower loop to get her at the finish, not my finest work, she's the disembodied head on the finish line.
Then back home to clean up and off to a late lunch/early dinner at the Red Star.

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