Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

It was a nice day out today, much warmer, probably in the mid 40's. So Kathleen and I headed out to see what there was to see. We rode up Washington Street to get to Lake Montebello. Another nice day at the lake, lots of folks walking, jogging, and biking there. The lake itself is still mostly frozen. As I might have mentioned it has been a bit brisk here.
Here is Kathleen behind me on the path, you can see the salt on the road from the weak snowstorms we have had.
The seagulls are sitting out on the iced over portion of the lake, I am not sure why they would do that.
Also the geese from my last visit to the lake seem to have, in fact, taken up residence here, they are hanging out in the unfrozen part of the lake.
Then we looped around to John's Hopkins and rode around the campus a bit before heading home for hanging out and fondue. A nice way to wrap up the year, same way I started it on 1/1/10. My Garmin says that I have ridden 1770 miles this year, which is not quite the 2000 I was shooting for, but that is okay too.

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