Saturday, January 15, 2011

Enough Already

It has been a cold winter here this year. It hasn't been above freezing since my last ride on 1/2/11. But today it was (about 4o degrees), and we didn't have anything going on, so Kathleen and I went out for a ride to Essex. Earlier in the day it had been sunny, but of course 20 minutes before we got our act together to go, it got cloudy. We headed out Lombard Street, and took the back way over to Eastern Avenue out by Eastpoint Mall. Here is Kathleen leading the way you can see the remnants of our last snow to her right.
We continued on out to the Cox's Point Park at the end of the spit of land there, and the Back River was pretty frozen on the main part of the river.
But on the other side of the point it was completely frozen.
We enjoyed the park for about 5 minutes (it's still pretty darn cold), then realized that it was getting late and so we headed back towards home. On our way out of the neighborhood to Easter Avenue, I spotted this groovy sign.
Then it was off to the homestead, and get some errands done before going to see Lafayette Gilchrist tonight at the Creative Alliance.

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