Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Morning Ride 2/4/10

Finally, a nice (31 degrees) morning, and after 3 days of trainer rides in a row, I had to get out. Thankfully my experiment with using the ski gloves worked well, and my hands weren't frozen. A quick run around Fells Point, and through Canton and Patterson Park. This is the Broadway pier in Fells Point, our local tugboat company is based there. Across the way is Tide Point, home of Under Armor as well as several other companies. The taller building just behind there is Silo Point, which is a former grain elevator that has been redone into condos. The brochure they sent us had some pretty spectacular views from the top floors, of course the price was equally spectacular. In the foreground is the remnants of Tuesday's snow storm, we got a few inches. They are calling for 18-24" starting tommorow morning, I am going to try and get out again before it starts, we shall see if that works out for me.

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