Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm free!!!!

It's Saturday, and the temps have been rising all week, so I finally got to get out and go somewhere, after a week of riding the trainer. This time my ride took me uptown around Johns Hopkins and Loyola Universities. The city is still very different from the snow, every intersection has 2 or 3 piles of snow like this.

After looping around the universities, I went down around the Inner Harbor, which was packed with tourists, and up through Federal Hill. There was a lot of snow moving action there, front end loaders and dump trucks getting the snow out of the neighborhood, and moving it to vacant lots and such to get rid of it. This is the Domino's Sugar factory on the inner harbor, still active. The word is that that sign, which lights up red at night, is the size of a basketball court.

Pretty calm day in the harbor, but the ARC was in.
In the distance is the Key Bridge, I imagine named after Francis Scott Key.

Then it was back to the house. Since it has warmed up, the streets are all pretty damp with snow runoff mixed with salt and sand and road schmutz, and left the bike a mess. Only took about a half an hour to clean it up though, well worth it. Hopefully I can get out again tommorow and go through the process again.

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