Sunday, March 17, 2013


No big dramatic ride today, just a quick run on the city bike over to Pet Valu for cat food.   It has been a lot colder this week, and today was no exception, and blustery breezy to boot.   I  went out around the inner harbor, and over into Federal Hill, with a quick stop at Race Pace  (where my groovy Linus city bike came from) to adjust the saddle angle.   While I was there I spotted their new display of bike bells, and this one spoke to me, so I got one and they threw it on for me.

That completed, I continued on to the pet store and got a bunch of food for Sophie the cat, and a stop at the Royal Farms for soda, then headed back towards home.   This gives an idea of the kind of day it was, not a whole lot of beach volleyball going on today.

A little further along Light Street was closed so they could install a new pedestrian bridge that goes from the Light Street Pavillion on the right, to the parking garage on the left.  Made me glad I rode my bike for my errands, the traffic backup from the detour was pretty impressive.

Here's the action from the other side of the operation, the big item at the end of the boom is one of the bridge sections that they are getting ready to put up.

That excitement behind me, I headed back to the house to take it easy the rest of the day, it's supposed to be marginally nicer tomorrow, so I will try and head out again, this time on the roadie :)

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