Sunday, March 17, 2013


I missed my calling, had I been a weatherman I could continually be wrong, yet stay employed.   It was supposed to be nicer today, it wasn't.   It was about 40 degrees this afternoon, and dropping.   But in honor of the pros who suffered much worse today at Milan San Remo, I got my butt in gear and went out for a ride.   Here is a scene from Milan-San Remo early today, courtesy of Velo News.

Not quite so bad here, although now the weather people are saying we might get some snow overnight.  At any rate, I rode around through the Inner Harbor again today and, as promised, here is the result of the closed road construction from yesterday.

Should be nice when they get it finished.    I continued on through Federal Hill, this was the St Patty's Day scene next to the Cross Street Market, I am thinking the cool temps aren't really helping the outdoor party scene.

Then it was a quick jaunt out the Gwynns Falls Trail and then back in via Baltimore Street, nothing new or exciting there.

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