Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not so good

I am exhausted, I haven't had a turn off my brain and take it easy vacation in 5 years since Kathleen and I went to Costa Rica.   Every other trip I have had has involved having to do work stuff at night to keep up.   I slept 10 hours last night and I am still tired today, it seems to be affecting my mood at times, my tolerance for morons has gone way down lately.   Since I am pretty sure that virtually nobody reads this, I am not so worried about airing it out here.   At any rate, Kathleen is off in Luray doing the double header triathlon this weekend, so I have been on my own so far.   This afternoon I got it together and went out for a ride.  I rolled out of the garage, and down the hill on Chester Street only to encounter the local block party in progress.
This block does this fairly regularly, and it looks like today was another. I continued on through the Inner Harbor, where the city has rendered the bike path totally useless through an "improvement" project, then out past the stadiums where I spotted this bit of urban art that I hadn't noticed before on Warner Street.
I noodled around through Catonsville, eventually ending up back on Pratt Street through downtown, it looks a lot different now that they are gearing up for the Baltimore Grand Prix in 2 weeks.
Yes, that is my shadow in the bottom right of the picture. I headed home, jumped through the shower, then went over to 5 Guys for a burger and the Washington Post.


  1. Hang in there, Robert. Hot, sticky summers don't help. Everyone seems to be looking forward to fall.

  2. Thanks Doree, Just having a crap day.