Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coffee Shop Ride

Today, being Sunday, is the day for the Twenty20 Coffee Shop ride.   I managed to get out of bed on time, and ride up to Hampden to meet the gang for the ride.  We noodled around Druid Lake Park and Johns Hopkins campus before heading back to the shop.   Here is Norman and Kristi (I remembered to ask her name again, I suck at remembering names), as we rolled down Charles Street.
We made it back to the shop, then it was time to head for home. On my way back to the house I spotted this, apparently today is the Italian Festival in Little Italy.
Today there was also a contest of sorts, which was to guess the weight of Norman's bike as it was today. He is prepping for a ride up the C & O Canal leaving tomorrow, so he had a pannier and tent on his bike. I guessed 50lbs and the actual weight was 49, so I was the big winner, and here is my prize, a bitchin' Specialized Purist water bottle, sorry about the disaster area that I call my work bench.
I headed in to the house, fed the cat, jumped through the shower, and then rode my city bike down to Red Star for breakfast.

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