Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Commute Day

I commuted into work today, far to long between rides. Fairly uneventful ride in, it's still muggy as hell right now. I did my day at work, managed to get rolling home about 7:00PM or so. Passing through Leon Day Park it's definitely football season now.
On the last park like leg of the ride I stopped for a moment to catch the setting sun through the trees.
Passing over Ostend Street I spotted downtown basking in the sunset beyond the tracks here.
After that it turned into a bit of a mess, the sidewalk/trail from the golf course to Carroll Park is completely torn up, so I was forced onto the street to get around it, which of course is also torn up.   Then after passing through Federal Hill I got to the bike path around the Inner Harbor only to find this.
That's right, it's coming up on race time again, the grandstands and jersey wall are going up, and in this case right on top of the bike path.   I continued on home, thought this was a cool batch o' clouds.
Then it was home for a shower and some dinner with Kathleen.

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