Sunday, October 16, 2011

Windy Saturday

Yesterday was super windy, and it was the Baltimore Running Festival (Baltimore Marathon) weekend. Kathleen wasn't running, but was spending the day supporting friends who were, then doing a independent aid station with the Baltimore Tri Club. I on the other hand, stayed up late playing video games then slept in. Here is Kathleen at the aid station, they were passing out gummi worms to the runners and playing music.
Eventually I got my butt out of bed and went out for a ride. It was a sunny day, but super windy, so I kept it short. I headed down towards the Inner Harbor when right by Pier 6 I spotted the Occupy Baltimore crew headed somewhere.
It looked like they were headed back to their campsite at the park in the middle of Light & Pratt Streets, maybe they had just come from irritating Legg Mason, who have a building in Harbor East. I continued on through the Inner Harbor, and stopped to see the Brazilian Navy ship that was making a port call.
A little ways down the Inner Harbor at the Maryland Science Center they had a exhibit set up outside of the new James Webb Space Telescope, which is being designed, built, and operated here in Maryland.
Pretty cool. The little tent to the right had a sign on it that said ask a scientist, but unfortunately it looked like they were closed up for the day. I continued on down Key Highway, a stop at Race Pace to shoot the breeze, then out to Fort McHenry before heading back to the homestead.

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