Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thursday Commute

Car's still in the shop, and Kathleen needed her car today, so it was bike to work day. Nice ride in this morning, sun shining and all. In my continuing fall foliage theme, this tree really stood out.
Then off to work, only to head home again about 5:45PM. It is getting dark earlier, so I took the direct route back, but on the way through downtown I saw that the Occupy Baltimore gang were still at it.
Kinda like summer camp with less activities in the park.
Then home nearly being doored by a guy getting out of a cab in Fells Point.

In other news, we bought the the pics from the course photographer this last weekend. I especially like these first two from Saturday, I never get the picture with both of us in it in action, for obvious reasons.
I like that I appear to be utterly suffering in all three pictures I am in. These two are from Sunday's ride, the photographer was right at the bottom of the first big descent, we have to be going about 35 in these pictures.

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