Monday, October 17, 2011

Excitement on the Trail

I commuted in to work today, but nothing photo worthy happened on the ride in. It was kind of a grey morning, heavy cloud cover was making me question my decision. But as the day went on it turned into a gorgeous fall day, and the ride home was very nice in the high 60's. Things were fairly uneventful until I neared the Carroll Park Golf Course on the Gwynns Falls Trail (about mile 13 on the map). There had been a helicopter circling around ahead of me all the way down the trail, and here's why. The fire department had gotten a call that there was somebody in the river, and the troops turned out to find him (her?). I spoke with the EMT's that were at the bridge, they said this is called the water rescue box.
And of course a bunch of other emergency vehicles.
The EMT's said that not only had the city police chopper was there looking, they had also had the state police chopper there looking with thermal imaging as well. Their take is that it was either a prank, or a homeless person bathing. After a little gabbing about whether it was worse to be in the Gwynns Falls vs. being dirty, I shot there picture before I headed off.
But I had to ride in the grass for the next little while, apparently when there is a water rescue, everybody comes out.
It was starting to get dark, but eventually I made it to the end of the approximately dozen or so fire trucks, and caught the chopper in about it's last pass.
I continued down the trail to the Pratt Street, and passed by the Occupy Baltimore encampment at the park at Light Street. The evening's drum circle was just getting under way in camp.
Then I scooted myself home, as it was truly getting dark out, at least as far as I could tell as I was still wearing my max-tint sunglasses.

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