Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome to my new neighborhood

Well, it's been a long time since I was on my bike, almost a year.   But today panned out that I was home at a reasonable hour and motivated enough to get it together and go out for a ride.    I moved last December, I now live on the other side of the park from the old house.  It's been a long year of stuff, but it was time to get it together.

So I pumped up the tires on the road bike, dug the cycling clothes out of the dresser and headed out.  My new neighborhood is Highlandtown, it's a interesting area, lots of artsy stuff (as you will see) and young families.   I headed down the street and around the corner, which is home to the Creative Alliance at the Patterson.  They have converted a old movie theater, now it has galleries, a performance space and several artists in residence.  It also has a restaurant.  On the side of the building is the coolest bus stop ever.

And their marquee.

Plus a mural, what a building.

Across the street is this mural.

And nearby another.

Plus we have an oddfellows temple.

This is a multipart picture, the mural runs down the entire side of the house.

I dig this, it's just off Eastern Ave down the street from me, from this angle it's pretty weird.

But from the Eastern Ave side it looks pretty normal.

I am not sure if this art, or an example of settling in brick buildings.

The chunk of Eastern ave that this resides on is pretty bustling, lots of businesses and such.

Then it was into the park, the duck pond was busy with ducks doing duck stuff.

The pagoda in the afternoon light.

Some art in the flower beds.

And our artillery is back, unfortunately it's all pointed basically at my new house :)

Dancercise in the park, this is one of the things I love about living here.  There are all sorts of activities going on.

I spotted this on a house a little north of me.

This statue is at the top of Library Square a little north of me, it's dedicated to veterans of the Spanish American War.

Across the street is this mural, it's so vibrant.

This street is closed through the square, so art has appeared.

This is one of the anchors of my new neighborhood, 101 S Ellwood. a former school converted into apartments.

This is Patterson Park right by my house, downtown just a few blocks away.

So I got home and cleaned up then went for a walk, this is the Patterson's Marquee by night.

And in keeping with our artsy kind of vibe, something was going on at the bus stop.

So that's my new neighborhood, I am hoping to get my act together and start riding again regularly, I am really feeling todays ride, despite it's short length.

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  1. Great seeing this area through your eyes. It's gone far more artsy than I remember.
    Looks great. Let us know when you find some really good dive bar restaurants. there are a ton of them around you.