Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Beautiful Sunday

Today turned out to be a gorgeous day, and since my hand wasn't bothering me as much as it was yesterday, we went out for a ride.  Kathleen and I headed up towards Druid Lake Park, here she is dropping me (not for the last time today) as we pedaled through the neighborhood.

We headed towards the Jones Falls, at the corner of President & Fayette I noticed this in the concrete of the sidewalk.

We passed by the farmers market (we had already been today on the city bikes), and then passed by this couple on our way up the bike path.  Molly (the little girl in the kid seat) gave us a go faster as we went by.

We headed up to Druid Lake Park, and did a little lap around the lake before Kathleen continued on out to the county to do a training ride.  I headed up the Gwynns Falls Parkway, and then onto the Gwynns Falls trail, it's very nice and shady this time of year.

A little further along, I came upon this, so being how I am, I ignored the signage to see what was up on this section of the trail.

It turned out there were these huge pipes run along the trail, no idea what this is about, especially since both ends were open.

On the other side of the closed section I got to the bridge project that is ongoing, it's starting to look like they are on the rebuilding phase.

Then I took the new pedestrian/bike bridge that they built just before they demolished the old bridge.  I of course ignored this sign, it's a little low ceilinged but I can't imagine why you can't ride across it, especially since I did without any drama.

On the other side I spotted this sign for a church, what a mouthful.

Then it was back to the house for a shower, update the blog (done!) and then clean up Kathleen's old bike to get it ready to sell.

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