Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best laid plans

So today I went up to Twenty20 in Hampden for the first Sunday group ride of the year.  Unfortunately the ride leader failed to show, so I ended up riding on my own, which was okay too.   I rode up through Clipper Mill, then up the switchbacks into Druid Lake Park, it really couldn't have been a nicer day.

Then around Druid Lake, lots of people out running, walking, and using the parcourse equipment that is around the lake.

Then I rode through Johns Hopkins Homewood campus and across 33rd street to Lake Montebello, it was also hopping there.

Eventually I made my way down Hartford Road to North Avenue, where I spotted this mural.

A little further along on North Avenue, I spotted this mural as well, it's hard to read but there is a note to scan the barcode :)

From there I made my way down to the farmers market under I-83 and availed myself of some freshly made donuts before heading for home.

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