Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall, maybe.

It was a very fall-like day today.  Temps in the mid 70's and low humidity and gorgeous sunshine.  Of course next week it's supposed to be back in the 80's.   At any rate, this morning Kathleen & I went to the Farmers Market on the city bikes, then back to the house, then down to Red Star for breakfast, then back to the house.  At that point, Kathleen headed out to her studio to do homework for school, and I took the city bike all the way around the Inner Harbor to Pet Valu in Federal Hill to get food for the cat.   So I racked up about 12 miles on the city bike before 1PM including schlepping some shopping stuff.
Then I went out on the road bike for the first time in a long time, too long in fact, I have been doing lots of running around on the city bike in the interim, but it's not the same.  I decided that I would pay for my laziness by doing something strenuous, not a wimpy round the Inner Harbor and out to Fort McHenry flat ride.   So I headed up to Lake Montebello, then did a lap there while I decided what to do next.   I decided it would be up Harford Road, I either have never done this, or it was long enough ago that I don't remember it.   So up I went, a little ways up Harford there was a little park, and in the middle this monument.

The inscription says Chris Columbus (no I am not making that up).   A little further up Harford was this groovy street art in the middle of an intersection.

And just up the block these awesome bike racks.

But then it was time to leave Harford Road, I turned onto Putty Mill Road and spotted this.   I have never seen anything like it, somebody cut about 5' or more out of that van.   By it's position on the driveway, I suspect it hasn't run for a while, but still not something you see every day.

After that I followed Putty Mill into Towson, then suffered through Ruxton and back down Falls Road into town for almost 31 miles.   Jumped through the shower then rode the city bike down to the Fleet Street Market and picked up sandwiches for dinner, so added another 1.5 or so to the day.

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