Monday, September 16, 2013

Commute Day

Today was a commute day, I am getting soft :)   So I left this morning under leaden skies, and sure enough, about half way to work it started raining.  I toughed it out and rode in, I had taken the Gwynns Falls Trail so most of it has tree cover.   Did my work thing, then at 6:00PM blew on out of there for home.   I stopped on the side of the trail for a beauty shot, it really turned into a gorgeous day.

Continuing down, when I hit Wilkens, the road was closed.   So I did what I normally do, which is to assume that they can't possibly mean me, and continued past the barriers.   This is what is on the other side.   Looks like some pretty serious bridge work.

And from the other side without the solar flare :).

A little further and it was time to walk the bike.

But it's not all bad, it appears that they have built a brand new bike/people bridge that just opened.

Armed with this exciting news, I meandered on down the road, here is the blockage from the other side.

Then it was back down the trail towards home.   I liked this shadow going through Federal Hill, so I am sharing it with you.

On my way through the Inner Harbor, I stopped and ordered a sandwich from Fleet Street Market (Kathleen has class late tonight), and headed home for dinner.

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