Saturday, August 17, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a crazy month, lots of work stuff going on.   I spent two weekends in Newport, Rhode Island for the Folk then Jazz Festivals there.   Gorgeous location, we were at Fort Adams State Park.   Our stage was the Fort (Main) Stage, and we had a ton of great acts across the stage each weekend.   So this was the view from the stage.

And this was the audience's view of our stage, we are right in the crook of the fort there.

But last weekend Kathleen and I got out for a ride out to North Point State Park, nothing too exciting but I did get a good shot of Kathleen as we rode out of the park.

Today Kathleen was off at Luray doing the bike leg of the Triathlon there as part of a relay team.  I went out for a spin this afternoon.   It must have been a special occasion, there was a block party around the corner on Chester.

I went around the Inner Harbor to Federal Hill and out to Fort McHenry.  Coming back I cut through Locust Point, and spotted a couple of fire trucks, but none of the activity you would expect if there was a fire.

But it wasn't a fire, it was another block party.  It really was a great day for it, today was very late September like, mild temps and low humidity.

Coming back I passed back through the Inner Harbor, and they are getting ready for the Grand Prix that is coming up Labor Day weekend.

Then it was back to the house to get cleaned up, Kathleen got home and we had some lounging around time and mexican food.

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