Saturday, August 24, 2013

A nice afternoon

Kathleen and I went out for a brief ride this afternoon, a quick spin up to Druid Lake and back.  It was a gorgeous day, not particularly humid, and fluffy clouds all over the sky.

We came back around the Clipper Mill on the other side of Druid Lake Park, and I spotted this windmill.

Just around the corner in the complex was this as well, it's suspended by the old mill crane arrangement.

Then it was back to the house to get cleaned up.   It was dinner and a movie night for us, we have both been super busy, so it was good to get out and enjoy ourselves for the evening, I shot this with the phone at dinner at Tapas Teatro.

Awesome dinner, and very appropo as the Vuelta A Espana starts today (I think).  It's right next door to the Charles Theater so we went to see In A World which was hysterical.

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