Sunday, February 24, 2013

Always one shoe

Today I managed to get out for a ride, it's finally warmer (45 degrees) and work cut me some slack.   Looking here it has been far to long since my last ride, but there you go.   So I took it easy today, just a quick run out the Gwynns Falls Trail and back.   Just down the street from us, our neighbor has taken to decorating their front window in seasonal fashion.   I would think that once upon a time this was a business, hence the display case front window, but they are making good use of it.

This follows the Ravens themed window that was up before Valentine's Day.   At any rate, I continued on, through the Inner Harbor and headed out towards Caroll Park.   As I made my way out there, I passed this shoe in the bike lane, just one, and what a beauty it is.   I see a lot of single shoes on my rides, but never a pair.  This leads me to the question, why is it always one shoe, and how does that happen?

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, out the Gwynns Falls, then back on Baltimore Street.   The weird thing was, when I was headed out, I had a pretty gusty headwind, but I thought "well this means I will have a tailwind on the way home".   Nope, headwind both ways, no idea how that works.

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