Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year

Today was my first ride of the new year, 1200 miles for last year, too much work not enough riding.   But today was nice out, about 42 degrees when Kathleen and I rolled out of the garage for a ride around town (don't be fooled, I did ride home at the end, but somehow I stopped my computer at 12.52 miles).   We went up through the neighborhoods where we discovered the local VW Bug specialist's shop.

We rode out the Alameda to the it's end, here is Kathleen rocking her new Twenty 20 long sleeved jersey (a gift from xmas).

We made a big loop, swung back through Hampden and made a stop by Twenty 20 to see if the shoes they had ordered for me to try on (a wide size) had arrived, but alas, no.   So it was back to the house before it got dark for dinner and the annual packing of Christmas back into it's boxes for next year.

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