Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday to work and back

Another nice day, and no out-of-office commitments for me, so I rode my bike to work today. The weather was again great, and the cherry trees (I think) were all in bloom at Druid Lake Park.

Then a busy day at the office, before I split to head home. Once again I took the Gwynns Falls Trail home, with the express intent of finding the rest of it, I never have been able to find the last part that takes you from where I keep losing it to the Inner Harbor. Today was my day, and here is the rest of the trail.
Not very trail like at this point. On the other hand with signage like this, I guess it is no huge shock that I haven't had much luck in the past.
I am not sure what this sign is trying to tell me, but near as I can figure, I was to go straight down here.

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