Sunday, March 28, 2010

Test Riding Bikes With Kathleen

Today we went out to Race Pace Bicycles in Ellicott City to test ride bikes for Kathleen. We had been out last weekend (when I got my new bibshorts) and she had ridden a couple of bikes that day, so today we went out and rode them again, as well as a couple of other comperable bikes. Here we are out riding contender number 2, a Felt Z85.

And here is the little climb back up to the shop on a Trek 2.1.
In the end the Felt won the battle, and it is a great looking bike. Here it is back in the garage, de-reflectorized and ready to rock.
I am looking forward to going out for a ride with Kathleen soon, although the weather is supposed to be pretty crappy for the next couple of days, then I am going to get hammered at work for a week or so :(, but we will get out soon I am sure.

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