Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inadvertent Sunday Church Tour

I got out again today, so far so good with the PI bib shorts. I kind of just wandered around the city, and once again was struck by the number of churches here. This one was the first I blundered into.And then a little ways down the street I spotted this.
I went a little further and stumbled on this nice little square, surrounded by churches.
And right down the block from there this one.

And then these two.

And this one shot from the same spot, not quite as grand as the others.

But then it was out of the neighborhood of churches, and I went up the grade to go take a couple of laps around Druid Lake. Another gorgeous morning and the path around the lake had lots of people walking, jogging, and riding around it.

Including some folks using the par course equipment set up around the lake.

Rumor has it the next couple of days are supposed to be rainy, figures, since I just washed both the bike and my car.

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