Saturday, December 21, 2013

Suprise! It's Spring

Well, after several weeks of sub freezing temperatures, a little snow, and generally winter-like conditions, today ended up being a beautiful day.  High 60's and sunny, so Kathleen and I went out for a ride.  We went up to Druid Lake park, did a lap around the lake, then back through Johns Hopkins and over to Lake Montebello.  The lake was hopping lots of people out using the Parcourse equipment, and other cyclists.   There were also a bunch of geese hanging out, I think that they are pretty much here for the winter.

On our way out of the park, Kathleen pointed out the wreath, all done in Baltimore Ravens colors.

We ended up doing 21 miles, and it was gorgeous, tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, so hopefully I will get out again.   I need to get back in the swing, 2 months between rides is tooooo long.

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