Sunday, October 6, 2013

Out to the Airport

It was a beautiful day to day, hot for early October.   Kathleen did the Seagull century yesterday for her birthday, and we had a nice meal at the Fork and Wrench last night when she got back.   Today was homework for her, so I got off my duff and and went out for a ride.   I headed towards the Inner Harbor, when I got to President Street, suddenly there was no traffic (roads closed) and this was sitting there.

Asked the police officer what was going on, it turns out it was the reviewing stand for the Columbus Day parade.   Sure enough when I got over to Federal Hill, there was the parade queuing up.

I slogged it out to BWI, and headed around the bike path there.   It's pretty cool, you end up passing right under the landing pattern.

And at the same time very pleasant and peaceful.

After a lap of the airport it was time to head home.  On my way back I passed the Robnet warehouse, they are nuts and bolts provider, as one might guess from their building.

Then it was back to the house for a shower and some home maintenance tasks before dinner.

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