Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow, what snow?

It was supposed to snow today, of course the weathermen got it wrong again, and instead it was partly cloudy.   Kathleen and I decided to go out for a ride to check out her new chain (which she installed herself :) courtesy of the Park Tools School she has been doing).   We wanted something easy, I am still recovering from my cold, and Kathleen had gone out with a womens group ride yesterday and did 40 miles.  So we did the easy ride out to Fort McHenry and back.  Here's Kathleen following me up Fort Avenue towards Fort McHenry.
We got out to the fort, and there in the docks was the Atlantic Tramp, great name for a ship.
Then it was back around the Inner Harbor, and into harbor east where this contraption was blocking the way.
It's a temporary boiler for the building there, apparently a couple of weeks ago there was no hot water for the building (Kathleen's gym is in there) so this is the solution for the time being. We continued on home, where I noticed that Kathleen's new helmet doesn't miss an opportunity for advertising.
Then it was back to the house to get cleaned up and veg out.

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